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Build To Give: Classroom Ideas

Build To Give: Classroom Ideas

LEGO Build to Give

We have some great ideas for tying the #BuildtoGive initiative to your classroom content so students can Learn Through Play while helping others.

This holiday season, have your students turn LEGO® bricks into real gifts through the #BuildtoGive initiative. For each build that is tagged #BuildtoGive, the LEGO® Group will donate a set of LEGO bricks to a child in need of a little joy this season.

Be sure to follow your school or district's social media guidelines before posting any images. Students who wish to post their own builds to their own social media networks should have their parents' permission prior to posting.

Learn more about the Build to Give initiative.

Below are ideas about how you can have your students contribute to this initiative while incorporating a bit of play into their learning.

We'd love to see what you come up with, so post images and ideas in the comments below, or send us an email at success@LEGO.com.

Build to Give: Classroom Ideas

SPIKE™ Solutions

SPIKE™ Essential—There's been an issue trying to deliver your group's gifts. Determine which delivery system would work well in your area, such as River Ferry or Cable Car. Explain which build you would choose, then build and modify to accommodate your gift box.

SPIKE™ Prime—Use Automate It to sort and ship gift boxes, or Keep It Safe to add a lock to the gift box.

ELA or Social Studies

Build a gift box for a historic figure or character from a story.
What would you put in the box? Why?

Increase the Challenge: Build a gift for a historic figure or character from a story. Use textual evidence to explain why this is a great gift for that person.
Go further: What intangible gift would you give to a historic figure or character from a story? Use textual evidence to explain your gift.
Explain how your build represents your gift.

Science or Math

Build a small gift box using the same sized bricks. Measure how many bricks wide? Long? Tall?
Increase the Challenge: Calculate the area of the exterior your gift box. How many gift boxes would fit into a yXy box? How do you know?
Go Further: Determine the volume of the interior of the gift box. Or expand the problem by determining the size a box would need to be to accommodate a much larger gift, or the number of bricks needed for the build.


Use different colors of bricks to represent a box with a ribbon or pattern.
Increase the Challenge: Create a gift box with a 3-dimensional bow and decorative paper. And/or create different gift boxes representing different winter holidays.
Go Further: Create a gift box with a removable lid. Lid must not slide off. Consider building a lip or a hinge mechanism.

For even more ideas, sign up for Customer Success by visiting: LEGO® Education Customer Success

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