How much LEGO® for my classroom?

We recommend half a KG per student.

What Will Your Bundle Include?

Your brick bundle will include a random selection of the following LEGO® components:

  • Basic Components: bricks, plates, slopes & tiles.
  • Structural Components: windows, doors, wings, wheels, tires & cockpits.
  • Natural Components: plants, vines & flowers.
  • Minifigures.


How Can I Pay?

We accept Cheque, BACS, Revolut, Bank transfer,PayPal and all major debit or credit cards, If you would like to use a specific payment method not listed on the checkout page, Feel free to contact us and we can organize something.

Our Story

As kids, we always ran into the same problem: whenever we received new LEGO® sets, we couldn't resist breaking them apart to create our own amazing creations. But there was one big issue—the high cost of LEGO®. That's why we founded Brick Bundles with a simple goal: to provide LEGO® in bulk at less than half the price you'd find in stores. Our mission is to give both kids and adults the opportunity to unleash their creativity without breaking the bank.

What's the Process for Selling Your LEGO®?

Selling your LEGO® to us is a piece of cake! Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Complete the Sell Your LEGO® form.
  2. We'll email you a prepaid postage label.
  3. Package your items securely and drop them off at your local Post Office®.
  4. Once we receive your delivery (usually within two working days after dispatch), we'll carefully inspect your items to ensure they match the description.
  5. After our team checks your items, we'll email you with the confirmed price. If you accept, payment will be made by the end of the same day. (If you choose to reject our offer, you'll be responsible for the shipping costs to have your items returned, based on their weight.)

Please note that during busy periods like public holidays, processing your LEGO® may take a bit longer, but we promise it'll be worth the wait!

What Makes Us Different?

At Brick Bundles, we go the extra mile for you—literally! We carefully sort all our LEGO® bundles to remove any non-LEGO® pieces and give everything a thorough wash. That means when our LEGO® bundles arrive at your door, they're squeaky clean and ready for building adventures!

    Shipping & Delivery

    What Countries Do We Ship To?

    We Ship to any country in Europe as well as the UK, During the checkout process if your country is not listed, feel free to contact us and we can have something arranged just for you. 

    As for shipping time, Our distribution centers are located in Ireland, the UK, Poland, Germany, and France. If your in one of these countries of nearby expect a swift delivery if not it may take a bit longer around 4-6 business days.