How to clean your LEGO®

Whether you play with it or display it, LEGO® bricks can get pretty dirty over time. Sticky or dusty bricks are no fun to play with, or even look at, so it’s a good idea to know how to clean it off properly without causing any damage. Cleaning your LEGO® bricks is actually really easy, just a few simple steps will have them looking good as new!

Whether you’re displaying your collections on open shelves or preparing to sell your pre-loved bricks, you’ll find all the tips you need to clean LEGO® here.

How to clean LEGO® - the official advice

LEGO® recommend that you clean your brick parts by hand, using water no hotter than 40°C and a soft cloth. You can add a mild detergent to the water, but make sure to rinse them well with clear water afterwards.

Simple huh? Sometimes, it’s not quite as simple as that though. You might need a couple of extra tips and tricks to help you clean your bricks - especially if you have a lot to clean.

Cleaning LEGO® in bulk to sell

If you have a lot of LEGO®s that need cleaning ready to sell, washing them brick by brick will be pretty time consuming. Thankfully, there are a couple of speedy solutions to help you save time.

Firstly, dismantle your built bricks and separate any that are particularly dirty or have stickers on. These bricks will need a little extra attention later.

To clean your LEGO® in bulk, we recommend putting them in a fine netted bag and then just running them through the shower or sink. Make sure you have a good drain stopper in place, you don’t want to lose any bricks to the drain!

Alternatively, you could fill a large bucket full of soapy, lukewarm water and submerge your LEGO® in it. Leave it to soak for around 30 minuets, stirring them around with your hand occasionally to dislodge any dirt.

If you’re looking for a super easy option, you could try putting them in a machine washable bag or sealed pillow case and pop it in the washing machine on a short, cold wash. We just wouldn’t recommend doing this with any LEGO® that’s particularly precious just incase it causes slight damage.

Now for the bricks you set aside earlier… to clean LEGO® thats really dirty or has stickers on, use the hand-wash method recommended by LEGO® to clean them individually.

Cleaning LEGO® to display

If you’ve bought a set or collector's item second-hand, it’s possible that it’ll be a bit dirty. For proper dirt, we recommend washing each piece individually using the official advice from LEGO®.

However, if your LEGO® has just become a bit dusty from sitting on a shelf, it should be easy to clean with a couple of small brushes and dusters. Small brushers are key for getting in small nooks and crannies without having to disassemble your built sets. Paint brushes or makeup brushes work well.

Some people recommend using a cordless vacuum that has a blow setting to clean dusty LEGO®. This is a speedy solution for anyone with large sets and collections - just be careful not to switch to the suck setting or you’ll risk losing a few small pieces!

The key to keeping LEGO® clean on display is frequent dusting. Give them a quick brush down on a regular basis to avoid dust collecting in hard-to-clean studs and gaps.